MSP Partnership Requirements

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Cardnl recognizes the importance of having well maintained information systems and technology that perform well on a daily basis and do not cause excessive downtime. We hope to work as your Managed Service Provider (MSP). Cardinl Managed Services carry a per user per month cost, beginning at a minimum of 5 computers. This service includes remote support, however onsite and out of scope support will be bill at an hourly project cost.

We start with general product support and quickly move on to your security needs, data management, and even device monitoring which allows us to know before disaster strikes (like a hard drive failing)! We’ve worked hard to bring this offering to life and we’re excited for the opportunity to help businesses like yours. While we do offer single project based service, the packages below allow Cardinl to allot priority to your team because of an ongoing commitment.

In order to partner with Cardinl Company as your MSP, we ask that you agree to terms and conditions below:

Terms & Conditions for MSP Partnership

IT Assessment

Cardinl Company ( will perform an assessment of your current IT assets to determine the viability and supportability of each device.

Device Minimum Requirements

Devices that do not meet our minimum specifications will be upgraded or replaced at the discretion of Cardinl and at the expense of the client. Cardinl will support the devices for the useful life of the device; typically, 3 years from build date for a consumer class device and 5 years from build date for a business class device.  Devices that experience performance issues after their useful life will be replaced with Cardinl approved equipment.

Network Requirements

Clients should strive to maintain a primary internet service of at least 60Mbps/20Mbps unless unavailable. A secondary connection is strongly recommended for clients heavily reliant on cloud based services. Cardinl is available to assist in finding available internet options at normal hourly rate. A Cisco Meraki Security Appliance is required and a full stack (Security Applicance, Switches & Access Points) is strongly encouraged for ongoing service management. If devices do not meet the minimum requirements, will provide options for approved replacements. Network Managed Services are calculated at an additional monthly cost depending on network size.


All Computers and users should be added to device management (requirement for Apple Devices but also available for Windows Machines) and access should be given to Cardinl. We can provide options at cost to client. Remote Access provided by Cardinl will be installed on all devices.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring service can be added on to all managed devices at an additional cost. This includes ongoing monitoring for commons issue (think disk failure, out of date computer, or consistent excessive utilization of system resources) as well as proactive response to these issues. 


MSP Service Level & Response Agreement (SLA)

Severity Level Description Target Response
1. Outage Network or SaaS server down Immediate >10min from notification
2. Critical High risk of server downtime Within 15 minutes
3. Urgent End-user impact initiated Within 30 minutes
4. Important Potential for performance impact if not addressed Within 60 minutes
5. Monitor Issue addressed but potentially impactful in the future Within one business day
6. Informational Inquiry for information or sales Within 48 hours
7. Witticism Inquiry to stop thinking about tech for 5 minutes and have a laugh As Needed